Our Story


The imaginative quality of childhood exploration and sheer wonderment of nature is contagious. Having children made me see this. Seeing the world through their eyes helped me experience the wonder in everything around me again. The white pigeon lived in our garden. It would come and tell my son things; he would relay these things to us. It was a whimsical relationship and we loved hearing what the white pigeon had said.

I have always had an innate appreciation for the medicinal properties of plants. The path I have taken to follow this passion has been an interesting one. It started with the study of Biochemistry and learning how the body worked, which in itself was a journey of wonder. We are incredible! After 12 years of formal study, from undergraduate degree to PhD, I have realised that our learning never stops. As a lecturer in Biochemistry my aim is not only to teach and help students understand the complexities of the human body but also to try and provoke an admiration and awe of what nature has given us.

After bringing my little people into this world, my body suffered a couple of meltdowns. My medical issues made me stop and think about all the chemicals we unknowingly fill our bodies with and the effects they have on all of our bodily systems. All the everyday stuff; our soap, shampoo, moisturiser, toothpaste, the products we rub on our kids when they have a cold… All of it. Rubbing petroleum based products on my kids’ chests just seemed counterintuitive as did always turning to pharmaceuticals to treat our every physical ailment. There had to be a better way to treat it; a natural way. The stuff we were using couldn’t be doing us any good. This led me back to my passion of using nature as medicine.

Now loaded with knowledge of the human body, the validity and effectiveness of the medicinal properties in plants made much more sense to me, so much sense that I started to introduce them into our lives. One by one, I replaced our chemical laden products with natural ones, mostly homemade. I felt such a sense of satisfaction and pleasure knowing these products were all natural, free from nasty stuff and worked! I had the bug and found my path.

My medicinal herb garden is growing and expanding every day. I germinate the seeds, nurture and watch them flourish. Where possible, I use wildcrafted herbs to infuse into nourishing (organic where possible) oils and blend these to make our products.

So, The White Pigeon Said grew from a seed; fed by a combination of my understanding of chemistry of the body, my desire to treat ailments with a more natural approach and harnessing the wondrous and medicinal properties of the plants all around us.

Sarah and I came together through our shared passion for clean living. We believe it is important to read and understand product ingredients. We openly share our ingredients with you and aim to keep our lists short, pure, natural and honest. We have no secrets. Join the tox-free revolution!

Tammy (& Sarah)